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How to trap a troll 101 (using psychology of humans)

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How to trap a troll 101 (using psychology of humans)

1) get into a huge online argument with troll
2) create a free tier disposable web server online
3) set up logging to capture all the bits, but mostly x-forwarded-for

4) add some disposable file to web server
5) use a url shortener to link to file
6) turn up heat in online argument
7) reply with shortened url to file
8) troll clicks link using curious stubby troll fingers and now you have troll
9) shred all files and logs on server
10) delete free tier server

how to be a troll online and not get caught in a troll trap:

1) don’t be a farking troll
2) if you must be a farking troll, be a smart troll
3) if you are going to be a smart troll, you better be at least smarter than the other guy
4) the internet does not make you invincible nor does it make you not liable for your troll mouth, its easier to reread step 1 and stop

how to trap a smart troll 101

1) there is no such thing, keep trying methods identified in “how to catch a troll 101 (using psychology of humans)”

What if …..

1) you set up your troll trap but you aren’t a very smart troll hunter and everybody clicked on your shortened url so now you don’t know who your troll is from the number of potential trolls …. you should have isolated your delivery, dm
2) the troll never took the bait … you did not turn up the heat sufficiently enough
3) i’m obviously dealing with a troll smarter than me … now what? There is no such thing, keep trying or accept your defeat

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