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Sheltowee Trace Trail Thru-hike 2016

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Last year I was going to hike the sheltowee trace trail as a thru-hike.  Due to the timing of buying a new house, I had to delay it.  This year I am going to complete it in the fall.  The sheltowee trace trail is currently 323 miles and runs from Burnt Mill Bridge in Big South Fork State Park, Oneida, TN to north of Moorehead, KY.  It runs primarily though the Daniel Boone National Forest.  It is known as “Kentuckys Longest Trail”, Trail 100, and is blazed with turtles because Daniel Boone who traveled the trail was named “Big Turtle” by the Sheltowee Indians.  You can find out more information at these locations:

The Forest Service USDA has a pdf file with info and trail

SheltoweeTrace.com has information

SheltoweeTrace.org has trail notes, information, reroute information, and a store where you can buy maps and ST Gear.

I have also done a few videos that I will link to on my website.  The first is my gear planning.  I am still a few weeks out from the hike and this could change, so I provided a link to my gear list that I am using for this hike at geargrams.com in the video.  I intend to do the hike at not more than 21 days, roughly 14 miles per day with approx 12 hours of daylight available in the fall.

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