ÈÐ Wïgê† Ðð† ñåmê

ïñ£ð§ê¢, ïñ£ðrmå†ïðñ §ê¢µr, Ðïgï†ål £ðrêñ§ï¢§, hå¢kïñg, §¥§†êm åÐmïñ阮rå†ïðñ, lïñµx ßlðg

I have shared this recipe at many different hiking forums, facebook groups, and with friends and family for years.  Several people have asked me to do a video and I just never seemed to get around to it.  Well, I finally got it done while video’ing my sheltowee trace trail thru-hike series.  In this video I show you how to make one of the ultimate breakfasts for hikers.  It is loaded with lots of calories, carbs, healthy fats, fiber, and protein that are needed for energy, maintain your weight, and to keep muscles from being sore.  I go into details about why I chose each ingredient and several variations of the recipe (I seldom make it the same way twice but the basic recipe remains unchanged).  The variations I go into are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter, and even a peanut-butter-chocolate aka receeses flavored.  Have a look at the video to learn how to make this awesome breakfast.  Share any tips or experiences you have with the recipe.


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