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Fitness for Hikers: Strengthening Legs & Cardiovascular

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One of the biggest surprises for hikers is how “hard” those hills and mountains are, especially if you have gotten out of shape either during the hiking off-season or due to job, age, etc.  Hiking is an awesome way to stay in shape but getting in shape “on the trail” can be very hard.  So I created a video (the first of a planned series) on how to strengthen your legs and improve your cardiovascular system using a relatively cheap recumbent exercise bike you can buy at walmart.  The nice thing about having the bike at home is that you don’t have to plan your fitness around a gyms “open for business” times and you can do this while at home watching tv, watching the children, or whatever you normally do.  This is great to stay in shape for those “off seasons” or if you just watch to get in shape in general (I lost over 40 lbs using this exercise bike).  The bike I use is the Gold’s Gym Recumbent Bike.

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