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E-cigs: Part 4 : Addicted to Flavor

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By the time I placed my next order, December 5th, I had only smoked about 10 real cigarettes since October 2011.  Previously, some days I would smoke that many before noon and definitely that many before 3PM each day.  But, as any new e-cigarette user, you start to wonder about the flavors….and there are many to chose from.  So my next order wasn’t that I was out of e-juice or unsatisfied with what I had so much as I just wanted to try some new flavors.  So I placed my first big e-juice order and this is what it consisted of:

Items Ordered: Price: Status:
$6.95 Shipped
$6.95 Shipped
$6.95 Shipped
$6.95 Shipped
$6.95 Shipped
$6.95 Shipped
$6.95 Shipped
$6.95 Shipped
$6.95 Shipped
$12.95 Shipped

This order with shipping is about $76.  It seems like I have spent a lot of money since october on kits and ejuice, however, in part 4 I actually give you a running total of what I would have spent on real cigarettes vs what I spent on e-cigs….it even amazed me.

From the previous order, I had already taken a liking to both apple and cherry.  On this order I re-ordered both of those and also wanted to try some of the ones I thought I would like.  Everyones tastes are different and I will just leave it at that…..but for the most part, I always find myself using only the apple and cherry, and if I run out of those then I switch to vanilla, usa mix from the first order, caramel, or cappaccino.  To be honest, I usually mix them together.

Four things happened really important in relation to e-cigs since I began using them.  I wanted to explain them below:

First, I have started to notice my taste buds are changing now that I don’t smoke real cigarettes.  Now, this could be good or bad depending on how you look at it because flavors of foods are now much stronger than before.  What this has caused though is that some foods I used to love, I now hate and some foods I used to hate I still hate. 🙂  I am really kinda guessing on this because I haven’t really tried anything I used to hate.

Second, my teeth are much whiter.  I have had numerous people tell me this so I have no reason to doubt it.

Third, my car still smells like real cigarettes and I will have to sell it soon because of that.  I honestly did not realize how horrible cigarette smoke smells.

Fourth, as silly as this seems, it now seems like it takes less aftershave to smell the same strength and it seems like the smell lasts longer on me (this makes sense because I probably used after shave to hide the cigarette smell on my person/clothes/etc and now that the cigs are gone, the after shave smell lasts longer).  This also seems to carry over to things like:  my skin color appears better and not “yellow”, it seems like it takes less laundry detergent for my clothes to smell good, etc.

What does all of the above mean?  Even more savings buying less teeth cleaners, laundry detergent, etc.

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