Aug 262013

If you get these errors…..

insserv: warning: script 'S85vpnagentd_init' missing LSB tags and overrides
insserv: warning: script 'vpnagentd_init' missing LSB tags and overrides
insserv: There is a loop between service rmnologin and mountnfs if started
insserv:  loop involving service mountnfs at depth 7
insserv:  loop involving service networking at depth 6
insserv: There is a loop between service rmnologin and mountnfs if started
insserv: Starting vpnagentd_init depends on rmnologin and therefore on system facility `$all' which can not be true!
insserv: Starting vpnagentd_init depends on rmnologin and therefore on system facility `$all' which can not be true!
insserv: Starting vpnagentd_init depends on rmnologin and therefore on system facility `$all' which can not be true!
insserv: Max recursions depth 99 reached
insserv:  loop involving service nfs-common at depth 4
insserv:  loop involving service pulseaudio at depth 13
insserv: exiting now without changing boot order!

The fix is….

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Feb 092013

One thing I can’t stand is waiting on software to download.  I mean, I have a blazingly fast internet connection and I expect everything I do to be blazingly fast also.  So, one thing I noticed was my backbox linux installation was taking forever to download updates.  Looking into why, I noticed there were static addresses used in the /etc/apt/sources.list for ubuntu software repositories.

So here is how to fix it so that you always get the mirror closest to you:

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Apr 112012

When I reviewed memcached previously, I got faster performance with wp-cache than memcached…..but that was about 16 months ago.  So I decided to give it another run for the money on a few sites.  The installation is pretty simple….especially since I scripted most of it for you…..

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Mar 022012
echo "deb revolution main microverse non-free testing" >> /etc/apt/sources.list 
apt-get update 
apt-get dist-upgrade

And it includes these new tools:

arduino	bluelog	bt-audit	dirb	dnschef	dpscan	easy-creds	extundelete
findmyhash	golismero	goofile	hashcat-gui	hash-identifier	hexorbase	horst	hotpatch
joomscan	killerbee	libhijack	magictree	nipper-ng	patator	pipal	pyrit
reaver	rebind	rec-studio	redfang	se-toolkit	sqlsus	sslyze	sucrack
thc-ssl-dos	tlssled	uniscan	vega	watobo	wcex	wol-e	xspy

Feb 112012

Lets face it, John the Ripper has been around a long time and the reason its been around a long time is because its damn good at cracking passwords.  Yea, hashcat and oclhashcat are great for gpu cracking, but it doesn’t support as many algorithms as JTR.  So, imagine my surprise when I fire up John The Ripper on backtrack 5 64 bit and find out it is using a single CPU.  That is letting a potential 75% of my system sit there wanting to do something.  Luckily the fix is easier than fixing a sandwich.

If you already have jtr installed, you may want to see my john tips article.

First, lets grab the jumbo sourcecode….

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Feb 052012

I had reviewed bibble labs bibble pro software several times as a solution to Digikam, Lightroom, etc in Linux.  Most recently I tried the bibble labs pro v5 series in October.  I was ready to shell out the $299 but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to order the software from their website (and I am an IT person).  Anyways, Corel software purchased Bibble Pro in January 2012 and released it under the new name Aftershot Pro.  They also reduced the price down to $99 (or $79 if you are upgrading or have a license version of lightroom).

I immediately bought a license….and you know, if Adobe would release Photoshop for Linux, I would do the same thing.

Jan 262012
# By Ed Wiget
# This fixes dropbox sync issues on linux
# get a list of files executable now
find ~/Dropbox -type f -perm -u+x > /tmp/dropbox_files-`date +%Y%m%d`
# fix the permissions
sudo chown -R $USER ~/Dropbox
sudo chmod -R u+rw ~/Dropbox
sudo chown -R $USER ~/.dropbox
sudo chmod -R u+rw ~/.dropbox
# remove any conflicting files from the file list above step 1
grep -v -e "conflicted copy" -e "Case Conflict" /tmp/dropbox_files-`date +%Y%m%d` > /tmp/dropbox_files-`date +%Y%m%d`.txt
# set the executable permissions back
for files in `echo /tmp/dropbox_files-\`date +%Y%m%d\`.txt` ; do chmod u+x "${files}" ; done
# remove any files that are in conflict
find ~/Dropbox -type f -name \*"conflicted copy"\* -exec rm -f "{}" \;
find ~/Dropbox -type f -name \*"Case Conflict"\* -exec rm -f "{}" \;
# remove temp files
rm -f /tmp/dropbox_files-`date +%Y%m%d`
rm -f /tmp/dropbox_files-`date +%Y%m%d`.txt
Sometimes you will run into an issue where you have multiple computers that mysteriously stop syncing with dropbox. What I have found is it is almost always caused by 1 of 2 things……file permissions, conflicts. I have 8 devices syncing to my dropbox, and every single one of them are linux except for one. It seems as though anytime I use my sole Windows computer to add something to dropbox….the others mess up. I suspect an issue with linux file permissions and windows ntfs drives.

Anyways, this script will fix the problems. Make sure you adjust the path if your linux install does not have dropbox at ~/Dropbox.

Jan 102012

Everybody knows I have been an avid daily linux user since…..1995 or so, and I switched to linux as my primary desktop around 1997.  The ONE struggle I have had since day 1 is that I do photography as a hobby and since I started using photoshop (I think around version 3), I have never been able to find a permanent solution for linux.  I have used gimp, I even used gimp in the photography classes I taught but it is lacking in several areas… being 16+ bit support, the second being layered tiffs, and the third being its just not photoshop.  Then, along came lightroom while I was actually beginning to use gimp with digikam more….and that pretty much moved me back to photoshop again.

So, I have been fighting with trying to keep photoshop and lightroom working on wine and really just wishing adobe would come out with a photoshop and lightroom version for linux (I think they would make a freaking killing), trying Bibble again and trying to decide if I wanted to pay the price (I actually went to purchase it and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how….so you guys lost a sale just because there was no way to make a purchase from my signed in account with my expired trial license)…..when I came across Darktable.  Darktable aims to be a replacement for Lightroom.  Its really easy to install too.


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Dec 102011

If you want to use the packages from Openvas on backtrack, these are the pinnings you will need to use to keep the backtrack versions from over-writing the openvas built versions.

Package: *
Pin: release n=revolution
Pin-Priority: -10
Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 900

May 182011
openvas gsd interface

So backtrack 5 still using the older openvas-2 series and I actually like the newer version.  So here are the instructions on getting the latest version installed. This will install these versions: openvas libraries 4.0.5-1; openvas scanner 3.2.4-1; openvas client 3.0; openvas manager 2.0.4-1; openvas admin 1.1.1-1; gsa 2.0.1-1; gsd 1.2.0-1; openvas cli 1.1.2-1 as packaged by the opensuse build service.


NOTE: June 23, 2011 — if the version numbers have changed, you can browse the repository address and update this document accordingly.  Also, yes, this does work on my bt5 install on three different systems.  I am installing on a 4th system now and will update the steps because I think I may have left 1 or 2 out.

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