Jul 242018

I have a youtube channel, duh!  I call it “adventures of Ed”.  I have had a youtube channel since youtube practically existed.  It covers a wide range of topics from infosec to gardening to self-sufficiency to living in a rural and very remote area to every day life and a lot of things about hiking (gear, trails, tips, etc).  I never really ever pressed the issue of “getting subscribers” or “getting likes” because i did the entire youtube thing for fun and not a source of income.  Therefore, even though I had a lot of youtube content as a content creator, I don’t rely on any advertising revenue to pay my bills, much like this website I have had for years and you won’t find a single ad on it … that means, i absorb the costs of web hosting, domain name registrations, etc.

So when youtube offered monetization on my channel (basically a share of the revenue generated by the ads they displayed), I decided I would use that money to give back to the people who watched my videos.  I would just randomly add a comment in-video with some sort of trivia and then I would use a random number generator to pick a winner from those who commented with the correct answers.  I never even promoted the give-a-ways because that attracts the people who simply watch 1 video on your channel ever, submit an answer and potentially win some item.  I care about my listeners, so I wanted those dedicated to watching my channel to win whatever It was I was giving away that I purchased with youtubes advertising revenue.

So when youtube demonetized my channel, they didn’t hurt me … they hurt you.  But the really sad thing is that youtube still injects ads into my videos that my supporters watch.  And that means, I am still generating income for youtube aka Google who is too stingy to give small channel creators their fair share of that advertising revenue.

Sep 132016

I have shared this recipe at many different hiking forums, facebook groups, and with friends and family for years.  Several people have asked me to do a video and I just never seemed to get around to it.  Well, I finally got it done while video’ing my sheltowee trace trail thru-hike series.  In this video I show you how to make one of the ultimate breakfasts for hikers.  It is loaded with lots of calories, carbs, healthy fats, fiber, and protein that are needed for energy, maintain your weight, and to keep muscles from being sore.  I go into details about why I chose each ingredient and several variations of the recipe (I seldom make it the same way twice but the basic recipe remains unchanged).  The variations I go into are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter, and even a peanut-butter-chocolate aka receeses flavored.  Have a look at the video to learn how to make this awesome breakfast.  Share any tips or experiences you have with the recipe.


Sep 132016

This video goes in-depth into what I am taking on my sheltowee trace trail thru-hike.  You should also watch the first video regarding food too.


Sep 132016

First just let me say that there is nothing disgusting about this video, no limbs were lost, there was no blood, and the video has no gore.  However, if you ever go fishing, eventually some day this is going to happen and let me just tell you to remain calm, the fish hook will come out, it takes a whole lot more force than you think, it doesn’t hurt, and skin is very stretchy.  With that being said …. have a look at the arm I caught!

Sep 132016

Another video in the sheltowee trace series, but this time I talk about my food choices and how I buy them in bulk and repackage them to improve nutrition, save money, save weight.  I specifically am using mountain house meals in this video.

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Apr 072016

I accidentally blew away my 2015 UL gear list, so I recreated them and the url changed.  The contents are mostly the same.  Here are the links:

Early Spring / Early Fall


Winter (coming soon)

Videos (coming soon)

May 112015

So much has changed since 2014…..I keep getting lighter and lighter or more comfortable (in the event something I replaced from 2014 was actually heavier … i.e. I started using a Osprey Exos 58 whenever I needed to take an underquilt.  The underquilt simply wouldn’t fit with the other gear in the Outdoor Products 46L pack)


You can see my gear lists at geargrams.com:

3-Season Ultralite (would be much lighter without camera gear used for Adventures of Ed)

Winter (would be much lighter without camera gear used for Adventures of Ed)

Optional (This is another set of gear I keep around for friends, its basically stuff I bought, used, upgraded)


Videos of the above:

Three Season