Apr 192013

I have used dotster.com for dns registration since about 1999.  About two years ago, I transferred most of my domains to godaddy due to poor service.  I recently needed to update dns records for this domain, edwiget.name.  Godaddy doesn’t support .name tld’s so I had to leave this domain at dotster.  I had used dotster strictly for dns registration, and always pointed to my own name servers.  I needed to update nameserver information yesterday and it has turned into a nightmare.

Whenever I update nameservers, it gives an error.  I know the nameservers are correct because all of my domains were updated just fine at godaddy.  However, dotster gives an error message that states:  “Records for edwiget.name could not be updated. The nameserver you chose may not be a valid nameserver. Please verify with the provider and try again”

Here is a copy of my STILL unanswered support ticket.

Yesterday afternoon, this domain stopped working entirely because somehow it reverted from my selected nameservers to dotsters own nameservers.  This is getting to be very aggravating.

Does anyone else know of any registrars that support .name tld’s?  I think this will be the last time I deal with poor service at dotster if I can find another registrar.


Dotster finally replied and confirmed that the tech also got the same error as me when he tried to change the nameservers.  So they have to escalate this up the ladder to manually add the dns entries and it will take 24 – 48 hours before someone contacts me.

24 – 48 hours??  I guess they don’t know I work in IT and although I haven’t manually updated zone files in some time, I bet I could still do it in less than 15 minutes and even remember to increment the serial.


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