Dec 122011

So, I use linux exclusively….for everything except my photography post-processing.  I don’t care about the rants and raves people give me about gimp, my workflow has included photoshop since Photoshop v3.0 (like mid-1990’s), and its just too hard to switch… I keep one windows machine around just to do photoshop tasks.

Now that I have my fluxbox bliss on my 16GB Quad-core machine dual booting with the factory Windows 7….I thought it would be nice to be able to run windows 7 inside of Linux.  In the past, I always did the “virtualbox from new installation”.  Its kind of a pain in the ass and a huge waste of disk space.

Doing some quick research, I found several articles on booting the physically installed windows in virtualbox and after many trials and errors, I found a simple solution that works.

Here is how I set it up…..

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