Nov 232011

I am finally going to add this to an article, even though I have had this 1rst generation ipod touch since release day and have used it with Linux since day 1……

To use your ipod with fluxbox requires three packages.

sudo apt-get install gtkpod libimobiledevice-utils libimobiledevice1

You then have to mount your ipod touch and since fluxbox doesn’t really have a way to do that….I made a script:

# mount ipod touch script by ed wiget
sudo /usr/local/sbin/usbmuxd -v -u &
DETECTED="echo -e `ideviceinfo` | wc -l"
#echo -e "is it ok to continue with the mount command?"
#read answer
#if [ $answer == 'y' ]
if [ ${DETECTED} -ge 1 ];
		echo "ipod detected...mounting"
		ifuse /media/ipod
		echo "ipod detection failed....exiting"

After it is mounted, you can then run gtkpod and it should auto detect it.  It will create a database of the song hashes.

During usage, if you receive an error with gtkpod during song export that says:

CRITICAL **: transfer_track_glist_between_itdbs: assertion `!new_tracks' failed
Segmentation fault

Restart gtkpod, select the playlist you were exporting and on the export dialog box, uncheck “Check for duplicates”.  Now exporting will work.