Jul 212016

This is a really simple method to make your own home-made firestarter for use when tinder is wet.  It is cheap, easy to make, and super lightweight.  There is not reason why you shouldn’t have these with you when hiking, camping, backpacking or out practicing bushcraft, survival, or even have them in your bug out bag for preppers.  If you liked this video, there are many more on my youtube channel.

Jul 212016

This is a video I did about how to add a firestarter (ferrorod) to a multiple tool and keep it secured in the case.  It makes a great addition for EDC (every day carry) and can be used for hiking, backpacking, camping, bushcraft, survival, prepper.  In the video description on youtube, there is also a link to my amazon store where you can buy the same gear.  Like, subscribe, share, and comment on youtube if you have questions.

Apr 072016

I accidentally blew away my 2015 UL gear list, so I recreated them and the url changed.  The contents are mostly the same.  Here are the links:

Early Spring / Early Fall


Winter (coming soon)

Videos (coming soon)