Jun 132012

I love tweetdeck, so imagine my surprise when Adobe decided to not support AIR on linux anymore.  So until today, I had still been using the native adobe air version of tweetdeck on linux.  Yesterday though, tweetdeck would randomly lock up.  Today, it wouldn’t post or anything so I set out to install the windows version on linux using wine.  Its actually pretty damn easy and so far, no problems.

This is how you do it in 5 steps or less in ubuntu’ish linux:

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Nov 232011

I have been using cluster ssh on and off for some time now but I have never written about it.  So first, let me tell you what my definition of it is……a huge time saver for multiple like tasks that need completed across many servers or systems.

As an example, lets say a critical update comes in and it affects 25 web servers, a lot of people will log into each web server, perform the update, log out, go to the next one, etc until completed.  That’s a huge waste of time….assuming it takes 5 minutes to log in, run the update, log out, log into the next one….that is 25 x 5 or roughly 125 minutes, slightly more than 2 hours.

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Nov 232011

I am finally going to add this to an article, even though I have had this 1rst generation ipod touch since release day and have used it with Linux since day 1……

To use your ipod with fluxbox requires three packages.

sudo apt-get install gtkpod libimobiledevice-utils libimobiledevice1

You then have to mount your ipod touch and since fluxbox doesn’t really have a way to do that….I made a script:

# mount ipod touch script by ed wiget
sudo /usr/local/sbin/usbmuxd -v -u &
DETECTED="echo -e `ideviceinfo` | wc -l"
#echo -e "is it ok to continue with the mount command?"
#read answer
#if [ $answer == 'y' ]
if [ ${DETECTED} -ge 1 ];
		echo "ipod detected...mounting"
		ifuse /media/ipod
		echo "ipod detection failed....exiting"

After it is mounted, you can then run gtkpod and it should auto detect it.  It will create a database of the song hashes.

During usage, if you receive an error with gtkpod during song export that says:

CRITICAL **: transfer_track_glist_between_itdbs: assertion `!new_tracks' failed
Segmentation fault

Restart gtkpod, select the playlist you were exporting and on the export dialog box, uncheck “Check for duplicates”.  Now exporting will work.

Nov 192011
fluxbox basic

I don’ t really care for the bloated kde or gnome desktops, especially on a netbook with limited memory.  I have pretty much always been a fluxbox user since about 2003 or so.  Over the years my configuration changes, partially because the way I do things changes.  This means my fluxbox environment changes….but not too often.  What bothers me is that sometimes I will lose the latest file for my fluxbox environment, as I often tweak it every couple of days.  This used to be the case, but now pretty much everything goes to external backup in real time.  But many people ask me about my fluxbox because it does look pretty damn nice, its very functional, and my entire computer runs in about 200MB of memory.  So without further wait, here it is, complete with config files.

The first image below shows my fluxbox desktop.  The middle image shows fluxbox with the slit showing that I have set to auto hide so its not viewable in the first image.  The third image shows tmux running inside of an Eterm with two splits shown.  I just started using tmux and it allows you to have multiple windows inside of a console or term window (sort of how you can split horizontally or vertically inside of terminator).  I use the default bind keys in tmux, so not really anything I can tell you about it outside of providing you this link to the tmux cheat sheet.

# Updated 20111210 – several people asked about what I used on my desktop or laptops, since I sort of stupilated I didnt like bloated wm’s on my netbook, and fact is, I still use fluxbox with the exact same config.  Below are two screenshots from my Quad core desktop with 16GB memory and 1TB raid 0 drives (Images 4 and 5 in the gallery below)

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