Oct 132011

Over the years, I have tried various methods to get more life out of a laptop battery.  I generally always buy a higher capacity battery.  So my current laptop was getting about 3 hours out of a full charge and I was happy with that but lately it has dropped considerably…to about 1 hour.  Usually when I am on the road or away from home, I have my netbook which gets about 9 hours of actual battery time while working.  I wish I had a way to get that kind of battery time out of my full size laptop.

I started looking through old scripts I had from a couple years ago (I replace my laptops every two years), I found these scripts I use for management of power settings.  This has drastically increased the battery time, up to near 3 hours again.  So, I don’t know if some recent kernel update (that I did about two weeks ago) was what was killing battery time or not.

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