Nov 172014

I purchased a lavatube electronic cigarette from Volcano. It was the ecig I used until the end…..

I purchased the lavatube because I really wanted the “best” ecig and this was rated by many to be the best one made at the time. I would still say it is one of the tops. The only thing I did was about the same time I bought this (it was mid-2013), some local ecigarette shops started opening up. So basically, I started buying my ecig supplies locally. I replaced the original tank of the lavatube with a Innokin iClear 30 in Feb/Mar 2014. This was the ecig that I used until I finally stopped smoking entirely…..including stopped ecigs.

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Part 5: Traceable Costs
Part 6: The Lavatube
Part 7: How I successfully quit smoking

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