Mar 072014

I love irc.  I love tor.  I love freenode via tor.  But one thing I hate is that sometimes I can’t connect and I would have to open up my torrc file and change the MapAddress cname.  So, I created a script today which randomly cycles through the names and changes it for me… uses a bash array to accomplish this.

Here it is:

# By Ed Wiget
# this changes the MapAddress used by tor for freenode network from a list of cnames in an array
# 20140307 - original script
# location of the conf file
# get the current used address
ADDU=`cat ${CONF} | grep MapAddress | awk '{print$3}' | awk -F. '{print$1}'`
# a random seed for our array
RANDOM=$$$(date +%s)
# our array or cnames
PADD=(p4fsi4ockecnea7l lgttsalmpw3qo4no 5jebommkgbfl6agc lbkwyb2csfcgoxwa)
# create a blank array
# Function to check if item already exists in array
function checkArray {
 for item in ${BLAH[@]}; do
 	[[ "$item" == "$1" ]] && return 0 # Exists in BLAH
 return 1 # Not found
# Main loop
while [ "${#BLAH[@]}" -ne "${#PADD[@]}" ]; do
	rand=$[ $RANDOM % ${#PADD[@]} ] 
	checkArray "${PADD[$rand]}" || BLAH=(${BLAH[@]} "${PADD[$rand]}")
# now select a random value from above
# for testing, enable the next line
# each time the script runs it should change
#echo ${SELECTED}
# remove whitespace before it
NEWV2=`echo ${SELECTED} | sed -e 's/^[[:space:]]*//'`
# remove whitespace after it
NEWV3=`echo ${SELECTED} | sed -e's/[[:space:]]*$//'`
echo "we are replacing ${ADDU} with ${NEWV3} in ${CONF}"
# here we say replace the ADDU word with NEWV in the conf file on line 19
sed -i "19s/${ADDU}/${NEWV3}/" ${CONF}

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