May 102011

This is how to be a 1337 hax0r and install archpwn to a hd, cause you won’t find any documentation on the net for how to do it.  Not only that, but aif is borked.

So, lets get down to business.  Boot a real operating system like….hell, idk, gentoo.  You can do this from the archpwn iso too, but gentoo is easier.  Whatever you do, DO NOT try to boot gentoo from inside of arch linux, the gentoo boot process is way too complex for arch to comprehend.  Just trust me on this one.

Boot up your favorite live cd, like blackVista, mac osx, whatever it is….just make sure its not some other ‘NIX distro or you will forever wish you would have just installed it.  Once you got a shell, fdisk your drive.  STOP IT!!!  You can’t fsck your drive before you fdisk it.

I’m not gonna go through all that shit, everyone knows how to fdisk a drive….and if you don’t, well, the rest of this shit won’t be for you either.  I use a convention sorta like this:

/dev/sda1 /boot

/dev/sda2 swap

/dev/sda3 /

/dev/sda4 /home

/dev/sda5 /tmp

/dev/sda6 /porn

/dev/sda7 /more_pR0n

/dev/sda8 /ur_mommas_porn

/dev/sda9 /me_fkn_ur_momma_vids

With that done, format those partitions however you see fit.  Something like….mkfs.ext2 /dev/sda3 etc etc etc etc etc.  You don’t need no journaling cause arch never breaks.

With that done, shutdown your live cd and now boot with the archpwn iso you burned on 99 speed.  Ignore the errors, arch is smart enough to fix itself in case you burned your dick too slow.

With that done, do something like this, first umount all the shit archpwn mounted under /mnt/sda1, /mnt/sda2 (yea, I know, arch was even smart enough to mount a fucking swap partition), /mnt/sda3, /mnt/sda4, /mnt/sda5

With that done, rm -rf /mnt/sd*

Now, this is the tricky part……for all you really badass ppl….listen carefully….. mkdir -p /mnt/sda3 && mkdir -p /mnt/sda3/boot

Now do this: mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/sda3 && mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda3/boot

cp –preserve -R {bin,boot,etc,home,lib,root,sbin,pentest,usr,var} /mnt/sda3    <<<—- I’m doing this from memory corrupted by waaayyyyy too much crack.  Thats double-dashes before the preserve.  Oh, and go get yourself a 12 pack of beer and a very large bag of potato chips cause this is gonna take a very long fucking time.  Minimal is FAST!!!!!

You did that correctly didn’t you?

I fucking hope so you 1337 haX0r you… do this:

chroot /mnt/sda3

Aw fuck, I meant exit

chroot /mnt/sda3

aw fuck, I meant exit

chroot /mnt/sda3

we still doing this shit???  Fuck it, reinstall windows……

vi /etc/fstab and edit it to suit your partitioning scheme (really big words here)

When that is done, make sure you have a /mnt/sda3/boot/vmlinuz-pwn  <<<— wtf, I haven’t seen vmlinuz used since…..christ sakes, redhat 8?
mkinitrd /boot/initrd.img <<<—- notice the double minor dot

cd ~
umount /mnt/sda3/boot
umount /mnt/sda3
grub-install –root-directory=/boot /dev/sda

At grub prompt, do this:
e to edit
highlight the grub kernel line
erase all of it
type “root (hd0,0)” – enter
type “kernel /vmlinuz-pwn root=/dev/sda3 ro” — enter
type “initrd /initrd.img” — enter
type “setup” — enter
press the esc key….while looking to the sky and praying this shit works
highlight the kernel line and press b for boot (nope, that is not arch magic, that is just a feature of grub)

When you get logged in as root with no password, its ok, arch will secure you.

Tada! Pwn’d

You almost have an operating system. So now, shutdown -h now. Insert some other live iso, reboot, reinstall, cleanse, done….tada!
NOTE: this post is just kind of a joke…..pwn’d again. You shoulda read the entire fucking thing. Now go reinstall windows cause your linux install is all fsck’rd up. Real hax0r’s will know how to fix it.

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