Jun 242016
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I hate when an application gets updated and then you have to remember how to make settings work that already worked previously.  So I am making this post as a reminder since it seems to not be a lot of info about it online.  If you don’t want to send things you delete to trash, which then requires you to go empty trash for it to really be deleted ….. then add a “Delete Permanently” to your right-click menu items.

Pretty simple to do …. just follow these steps:

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Apr 072016

I accidentally blew away my 2015 UL gear list, so I recreated them and the url changed.  The contents are mostly the same.  Here are the links:

Early Spring / Early Fall


Winter (coming soon)

Videos (coming soon)

Feb 172016

This is a silly script but you would be surprised how many times a day I have to do this and no matter how many times I type the command, I always get it wrong (or more than likely I forget to escape something).  Its also interesting to note that the scripts I find silly are usually the ones that are the most popular on this site….so here it is.

Basically, if you copy and paste this script into a file and run it, it will give you the exact date and time in the sed command to run to search all lines in a log file from the previous hour to now and save it to another file.

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May 112015

So much has changed since 2014…..I keep getting lighter and lighter or more comfortable (in the event something I replaced from 2014 was actually heavier … i.e. I started using a Osprey Exos 58 whenever I needed to take an underquilt.  The underquilt simply wouldn’t fit with the other gear in the Outdoor Products 46L pack)


You can see my gear lists at geargrams.com:

3-Season Ultralite (would be much lighter without camera gear used for Adventures of Ed)

Winter (would be much lighter without camera gear used for Adventures of Ed)

Optional (This is another set of gear I keep around for friends, its basically stuff I bought, used, upgraded)


Videos of the above:

Three Season